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6 Reasons Why Android Sucks.

UPDATE: I have a new post about why Android still kinda sucks, updated today, January 11, 2013. It's not nearly as bias as this one, I'm not that foolish anymore hah.You can read it here:

Yeah, I may just be another Apple fanboy among the rest, but when I argue about something, I don't just flame, I think straight and get my facts right. After having used an iPhone for a month now (and having 3 family members with Android-based OS phones), I loved my iPhone from day one, and still love it up until now. But, what really distinguishes the iPhone and iOS from Android-based phones? Well, that's simple...

1. It's All About the Apps.

The iPhone's App Store contains hundreds of thousands of apps, free and paid. It might have even hit a million, I'm not quite sure, but they are of high quality, and get this: all compatible with the iPhone. Now, while Android may have a good amount of apps, it doesn't mean all of them are compatible with your device. Here is a list of the phones compatible with Angry Birds:


You're probably thinking that there are more Android-based phones than that, and there sure are. When you buy an iPhone 4, you're 100% guaranteed that the phone WILL work with the phone, no lists, mods, or hacks required. Simply because there is only one version of iOS; no Vanilla or HTC kernel incompatibility. The only incompatibilities you'd have to worry about on the iPhone is retina-display ready apps, or apps that are just so damn old that they'll crash on 4.2.6. So far, zero problems with any app on my iPhone 4, not one single crash so far, even on jailbroken apps.

2. Open source or Not Open Source? That is the question.

Yeah yeah, Android is open, iPhone isn't. Big whoop, it's better that way; we're protected from malware and you're not. We also have the advantage of no crap, low-quality applications flowing through App Store. While neither Android phones nor iPhones can access root, both are capable of doing so using 3rd party tools. The difference? One can brick, the other can't. Take a guess which one can brick? Android would be the correct answer. As you'd probably have to be an idiot to brick your Android phone in the first place, it is 100% possible to do so, and is 100% irrecoverable if you flash over the recovery partition of the NAND flash memory; no recovery tool can ever help you there. Meanwhile, the iPhone, if somehow in a long mile, is "bricked" (100% impossible), you can access a built-in DFU mode to restore the iPhone to it's original firmware, despite how much the OS has been contorted and removed. Yeah, if you flash the DFU partition you're done, but the only way to do that is by doing it on purpose.

3. Flash?

Android has flash; too bad it's been replaced by the cleaner, faster HTML-5 used on the iPhone 4. I can't think of one website that I'd actually go to to implement Adobe Flash Player. Yeah there's flash games, but who the hell would play flash games on a mobile phone, when you have App Store with games everywhere? I mean, an Android user might need flash because all the App Market games suck (I can name one good Android game: Angry Birds), but an iPhone user has a plentiful amount of games sitting right in front of them self, as do I. If an iPhone user REALLY needed flash, then just download SkyFire web browser, which supports all flash content, it's not that big of a deal. There's also iSwift, a brand new app in App Store which can play flash games. If someone is crazy about flash and absolutely NEEDS it, download Flash ported to iPhone then (titled Frash in Cydia). It doesn't work in 4.2.6 simply because there's no demand for it; Flash is dead!

4. Choose Wisely, Grasshopper.

Do you want the HTC Incredible, Droid X, Samsung Fascinate, Droid 2, HTC Evo 4G, etc. OR, do you want an iPhone? When you buy the current iPhone, there's no choosing. You buy the iPhone 4 with the hardware specifications and build quality it has, and you be happy with it. When you buy an Android phone, you have to find one that isn't made out of crap materials, it has to have a decent amount of processing power, and you have to choose between no keyboard or on-screen. Even if you we're to buy a previous iPhone, there's only 4 to choose from; there's not much to go crazy about, and it's a heck of a lot easier to choose. Phone's don't release sporadically throughout the year making you feel outdated, they only release once a year to keep up with your upgrades. While other phones might have dual-core processors and 4G as of right now (above the iPhone 4's A4 1GHz processor), I'd rather be able to use my phone than charge it every 6 hours. iPhone competitors are trying to step ahead too quickly, which will cause the battery life to decrease dramatically, all on account of the fact that the technology of the current 4G and processing chips are all still power hungry.

5. When does YOUR update come out?

The Android updates are nice and all, but... why don't the updates ever seem to be released at the same time as all the other ones? It took quite a while for the Verizon HTC Incredible to receive the 2.2 Froyo update, with other carriers getting it first and after. Some phones don't even have 2.2 yet, they're still stuck on older firmwares! As of currently, Gingerbread is released on one or two phones right now, but I really can't comprehend why they can't just get them all timed together and release them on all the phones all at the same time! There's always the method of flashing homebrewed Gingerbread ROMs onto the phone, but then there's always the risk of bricking, and it's also not the official firmware, causing a good amount of bugs. With the iPhone, the update will always be compatible with your phone (with the exception of older iDevices), and they will ALWAYS be released on the same day throughout all devices; no stupid delays.

6. Sync your phone to...

As of right now, there's still no PC/Mac based applications that can sync your applications, contacts, music, photos and videos. On day one of firmware 2.0 of the iPhone, this was all possible, so why does the Android still not have a syncing method? The only known way to "sync" your apps is through the internet, where you will have to literally re-download every single app you've previously had. There are PC/Mac apps, though, to sync your music, photos and videos, but why can't they just make application syncing possible? I mean, sure, there might be methods through rooting, but that's, first off, dangerous to the well-being of your Android phone, and secondly, you have to go out of your way just to sync your phone's applications to the computer.

I'm sure there are more reasons, and I'll write them down as I think about them. But as of right now, here's 6 great reasons on why the Android OS based phones really just... suck!


  1. I can add some more reasons why Android sucks big time...

    If you're not an American American in America, or perhaps an American in the UK, the paid apps aren't available to you.

    I'm in Malaysia and found out the hard way after buying an Android phone!

    Can't even download the Google Books or Kindle apps - "This item cannot be downloaded to your country"

    Try buying an paid app - "This item cannot be installed on your device" - which is a weird way of saying "It's a paid app and you can't buy any paid apps from Malaysia, or most of the rest of the world either..."

    You pretty much NEED a gmail account to use the thing, yet if you have one you can't stop the phone constantly checking for emails, which sucks up both battery life and your wallet if you're not using a data plan.

    Also, even if you do manage to tell the thing to quit checking the weather, emails, blogs and everything else online, most of the apps require that you give them permission to over-ride such settings. They promptly do so, killing your battery and wallet again.

    My wife if trying to borrow my HTC for a trip to the US. I've a feeling she's going to be hit with data roaming charges, despite doing everything I can to tell this thing to stop accessing the internet.

    Still not sure if I want an iPhone though, as my impression is it's just a mass if icons with zero control over layout? That sucks too.

    I'm going to look into Windows Mobile 7 but for now I don't think ANY smartphones are that great. They all have their problems, not least of which is pathetic battery life.

    Maybe in a few years time they'll sort these issues out but for now smartphones are just a gimmick, not a lot more useful than the old 'WAP' phones, which were a complete joke.

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  2. Updates:
    You forget to mention updates - Apple maintains support for their device for at least 3 major versions from point of release. Only the Nexus series may be able to rival that, but how long do you think Google will keep supporting Nexus One? It is on 2.3 now from 2.0 launch beginning of last year. I am curious to find out.

    Though not perfect, Apple's customer care is one of the best there is. I had problems with my iPhone post warranty and have had it replaced 3 times on the spot no questions asked. I don't think I can get that kind of service from any other vendor.

  3. I use Android now and have had Iphones in the past, heck I had to get my daughter and Ipod recently to play games because of the lack of anything decent on our Android phones.

    Eventually Android will have every decent game on it that is on the Iphone, its just a matter of time. For now your comment is true but only for now.

    As far as non gaming applications Android will surpass Apple this year, just read the news. There are already more Android users than Iphone even with verizon climbing on board.

    What it boils down to is hardware and there is only one company making Iphones and tons producing Androids. So we have a bunch of cruddy phones out there, if you want a great Android experience you have to pay the price and get one of the more powerful phones. Don't compare Iphone to a Sanyo Zio but to an Evo or Droid 2.

    Lastly all Iphones look alike and I'm not talking about hardware but the layout. With Android you can make your phones homescreens look ike anything and you can have widgets, the Iphone is simply boring unless you jailbreak it.

    Yes the Apples work great and really never have problems but neither do the top of the line Androids, anything less than 1k mhz is going to have a hard time and unfortunately the phone manufacturers can throw any junk they want into the market.

    The best phones get updates fast and again its the crap phones that get left behind, again pay the extra dough and you have the better experience.

    Bottom line there will always be Iphone and Android from now on and eventually both will have all the apps. Only difference is a lot of people will go for the bargains and have underpowered hardware on the Android side.

    1. Only one company makes iPhone and a lot of them make android. That's exactly Android's problem. If google was in charge of the hardware that the software is put on (so each phone can be more integrated), then it wouldn't be a problem. Android sucks when it comes to performance unless you root it to go 5x faster (which kills battery life).

      Also, Android cannot look that much different from each version. That's actually a myth as far as I'm concerned. Every android phone I've seen had the same layout. If you want the same customizability on iPhone, jailbreak, then download barrel, gridlock, 5 column springboard and 5 icon dock. Done, now my layout is even more customizable than Androids.

      Want even more? download app renamer and winterboard. Now your iPhone looks exactly how you want it to.

      android in reality is just as restricted in it's interface as iPhone is. You can move icons and put common icons in a 'dock' and that's about it.

    2. We dont root the device to 5x faster performance, we do it to get the admn rights yo.

      look at the Android now ... flying.

    3. I´m on a Galaxy SII at the moment. This was the top model when I bought it ( 4 years android user now ) and Iḿ having issues almost non stop, app´s freeze, my gallery is slow, camera setting keeps resseting themself, and the phone tends to hangup when browsing and looking at pictures ... the whut ?

      WhenI google about this the top souloutin is to jailbrake it. Yeah I love Linux and open source ( 5+ years linux user ) but I want a phone I can rely on.

  4. wow superb post really, I am shoutin' wid ya ANdroid sucks and sucks to the core


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  6. As Saptarshi said.... a "superb post".

    I am an ICT professional of over 20 years (mainly in the "C" side, that's Telecoms) & my experience is such: Right now Android, for all the reasons above (& more), totally SUCKS!!!!!

    I am ninety percent through a rollout of 18 HTC Desire (A8183's) handsets for a client & I have to say my experience so far has been an increasingly negative one. This particular model is by no means bottom of the barrel and are currently rated the best high end "smartphones" by one of the leading ICT reviewers in the country.

    Frankly (it is worse than a sick pathetic joke), the fact that these handsets are identical & yet the inconsistencies & bugs I have encountered even exist is a testament to the level of attention to detail (basically none) that HTC & Google currently have.

    Sure some fandroids (up until now I could have been considered more one of them than not) may tout the supposed benefits of the "open" Android ecosystem, however in practical terms this openness count for nothing, just check out the myriad of Crapps (crap Apps) that populate the Android market.

    I am not only referring to the many apps that seem to copy each other's supposed functionality but also Apps such as Trapster that function flawlessly on iOS but their Android versions are absolute rubbish (don't even work once without crashing).

    Also I even managed to completely freeze my personal Desire the other day & the only way to fix this was to hard reboot (take the battery out). I wasn't doing anything overly complex, just using the Google GPS Navigation App.

    None of these units (mine included) have been Rooted and/or ROMed, they are all completely factory unmodified. They do all though have the Telstra (Telco carrier) bloatware that HTC installed for Telstra. The fact that these units fail to function as intended without being altered in any way is making me seriously consider whether the rooting/ROM path could be any worse than the factory/carrier unit experience.

    This fact alone is enough proof in my mind that yes at present, Android SUCKS!!!!!!!

  7. Android sucks on many many levels. Fragmentation for one. Gross lack of organization and proper use of so called open source another. When it comes to OSs, closed and controlled is far superior like iOS. Upgrading is easy and uniform. And you don't have 5 different versions floating around at once like Android. I made a huge mistake thinking Google knew what they were doing. Maybe if they correct their course now and adopt Apple's model rather than bashing it like they have, maybe they can catch up to Apple's model in 5 years. But iOS 5 is a thing of beauty and iPhone 5 will start smashing Android so they can never recover.

  8. 1: Ok thats a given, iOS definitely has more and better apps.

    2: Open source is supreme. This stupid myth that it is more open to malware has been dispelled a long time ago. But we do get the ability to tinker with everything ourselves. And we have more crap apps from open source, so what? just dont download them, big whoop.

    3: Yeah flash is still in the lead. HTML5 is pretty much nowhere right now. Sorry.

    4: Ok so your pretty much saying that selection is bad? Is that your argument? That is retarded, its like saying that you would rather go to a restaurant that only serves expensive steak versus a restaurant that has all kinds of options.

    5: Ok so what? At least we get an upgraded OS in less than a whole year unlike iOS. Unless if you bought a run of the mill android phone, this wont be a problem. This is even less of an argument when apple hardly makes any changes to their OS which has been pretty similar since day one. iOS five is actually adding some new things, most of them stolen from android. The android market is able to keep up with whatever OS your phone is running so this is not really any kind of argument.

    6: You can sync most things with Gmail. The other things you do need to use doubletwist or something so I will grant you that it is slightly harder, but barely.

    Ok there are definitely reasons that you could put forth that android sucks, but these are not them.

    1. I'm in complete agreement with you. But here is the real reason for all of the hate towards android, you actually have to use your brain and can do so when you want to change the appearance or functionality of the phone. The real reason for the iPhones success? It was designed for idiots!, thus the "I" before the phone, pad or pod. Idiot phone, idiot pod and idiot pad! Ever wonder why all three use same is? Now you know!

  9. I'm shocked at the ignorance of this guy and the fact he claims he thinks straight and uses facts, but this 'review' is entirely opinionated. TROLL.

  10. Hey Pratto Guy if you think flash is still in the lead you must be walking around with a paper bag over your head. Flash's days are numbered. It won't completely disappear but if you talk to any knowledgeable web developer they will tell you that HTML 5 will be the norm and a lot sooner than most people realize.

  11. Ok. This is by far one of the poorest comparisons I have seen. True, the iphone is "easy" to use, and has tons of apps... but when it comes down to it. REAL PEOPLE like customization. Sure the iphone can be rooted/ jailbroken, but to what serious advantage? Yes there are tons of crappy android phones, but that is the nature of the beast. Its open source so anyone can place it on a cheap device. Next time, try comparing an android device with similar specs of the iphone. Heck, even my cm7 droid inc can shame iphone users. Apple is great don't get me wrong, but don't bash android just because u prefer to be an Isheep... keep folowing the crowd...

  12. First of all, I completely agree with this argument. And just so you know "pratto guy" your mention towards selection was completely off base. It has nothing to do with the selection pool in the mobile world. When there is alot to choose from, phone wise, it makes it not only harder to choose but its harder to receive updates. Also, the iPhone does reign supreme. This explains why newly released Android phones are still trying to top last year's iPhone 4.

  13. 1: Apps are limited to what apple allows. Yes there are crappy android apps out there, but guess what? nobody buys them. because they're crappy. but if i wasn't happy with apps out there, i could write my own with open source at my fingers and realistically publish it without getting shut down. If a developer designs for only a certain phone to support, they usually keep working on the app to support more phones. they make more money that way.
    2. Open source is the whole reason apple got its start. it's UNIX BASED. they essentially got open source code, copyrighted crap and dumbed it down, and resold it to people at ridiculous prices. You CANNOT BRICK YOUR PHONE WITH AN APP. the only way you can brick your phone is when you try to root it. and even then, many phones can be unbricked. the iphone has this as well.
    3. Flash. i'm honestly not going to bother with this, as this was the worst argument i've ever heard. lol.
    4. Henry Ford once said "Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black" may think that was a huge step in his ruin. People want choice. if they don't want an expensive camera or super display they can get phone without it and pay less for it. the freedom of choice is a recurring android theme.
    5. Root a phone, get your updates early. i get nightly updats for my ROM. even unrooted, most of these updates are cosmetic, or just plainly aren't released until they are believed to be 100% supported.
    6. winamp and songbird both have full syncing ability with android. NOBODY likes itunes. if they do, i just don't understand. there are other programs like songbird or winamp that are 'simple to use' and don't require full ownage of your 'property' or pc resources. Also, the built-in ability to drag-and-drop files is priceless, as is the ability to add external storage.

    Honestly, the iphone is a good device. I just think it's extremely overpriced, especially for a device you don't fully own, but is more like you're leasing from apple. If i jailbreak my phone and want repairs, i'll get turned down. if i root my android and want repairs, they'll take it in, no questions asked (and have). the feeling of being able to do what i want to my phone, look up the code if i wanted to, and not have it blast me with DRM if i want to put my media on it is important. Take all that, put on a price tag range of Free to $200 bucks for a decent phone, and that's why I prefer android.

  14. As a developer, I look at Android more like a Linux desktop. Lots of incompatibilities. Too many versions of the OS floating around. Android uses a stripped down version of the Java VM. When it comes to writing user applications, Java sucks. No one writes apps in Java unless it's for a web server or maybe a simple desktop app because Java is too annoying to work with to write anything beyond a trivial graphical app.

    Also, Google was stupid to use the Eclipse IDE. They should have developed their own developer IDE from scratch specifically for Android. One that is solid and fast, so that the developer spends less time messing with a flaky IDE and more time developing and testing their product. Eclipse is slow, crashes and the debugging sucks. The IDE is a mess. Yes, you can develop using other editors like Netbeans or IntelliJ, but Google only fully supports the Eclipse IDE for some reason.

  15. Windows Mobile 7 will control the web O.S market soon =) my HTC. SURROUND has tons of apps and music... And bam it doesn't slow down and barely lags... Androids have super rams and processors after a while of the phone being used it will slow down dramatically!!! IPhone is great but too bad their stuck to Apple im sure they can continue to have a closed O.S SOURCE but have other phone makers set a new standard...

  16. RicoSuave I completely agree. I have an HTC surround as well and wp7 will continuously release major updates for their phones so that even if you have last years model, you can be up to date with newly released wp7 devices...well, hardware wise.

  17. Great Post! I've had the HTC Thunderbolt (one of Verizon's 'flagship' phones) for a little over a month now and it sucks ass! Before the Thunderbolt I had the iPhone 3GS and before that an iPhone 3G. The only reason I bought the Thunderbolt was because of my good friend (now I realize just an Android fan-boy) constantly raving how great his Thunderbolt was and how much GREATER it was than any device Apple could ever create. I wish I never would have bought into that crap! Even with the most recent firmware updates the phone constantly freezes and I have to take the battery out of the back forcing a hard reboot. I've NEVER had to reboot ANY of my iPhones! As far as I'm concerned all people who rave about Androids are just fan-boys/girls and are HIGHLY delusional.

  18. Android doesnt need to sync with a pc or mac. it can create a complete system backup bootable from external storage.

    atm, even the most expensive android phones are still cheaper than the iphone. these android phones are equipped with superior hardware such as 8mp cameras, dual core processors, super amoled displays(which is far better than the retina displays)

    I'd trade battery life for the ability to multitask. I can be playing a game, then take a call, edit a document, play a song, then resume where i left off with my game. iphone cant do that.

  19. @sicmofo Actually, you can do that on an iPhone. I'm not hating on Android or having sex with iOS, in fact, I'm using webOS to write this, I have an Android phone, and I owned an iPhone 4 until it was run over by a car (surprisingly only the glass was shattered, but so much, it hurts my fingers to use it) and I can say I much prefer iOS multitasking. It lets me do everything I'd want to do, like what you said, and can have 50 apps open without freezing or reducing battery life. Android is just a pain. I need to use advanced task killer just to close an app. I think the ability to close something you opened should be included out of the box. And the iPhone's 5MP camera is far better then the 8MP camera on my HTC android device. I personally find Samsung's screens about equal to apple's. Each have pros and cons. Colors are better on Samsung's super amoled, text is better on the retina, and it is better outside then Super AMOLED. As for dual core, I still find that my friends iPhone 4 is usually faster and far less buggy then my dual core 1.2Ghz phone. Anyway, the iPhone 5 is coming out within a few days, and that will boast the dual core A5 chip But, it really comes down to preference, whether you want a phone that just works, or one that you can tinker with and make your own. I'll probably get the iPhone 6 in a year when it comes out, but for now, I'm happy enough with my HTC Sensation.

  20. I was offered the choice of an iPhone or an Android for my birthday--I opted for the latter in order to experience the Android 'ecosystem'.

    My honest assessment: iOS is far better. While there are certain intangibles that Android does marginally better, iOS just works. Period.

    But Android as an OS is pretty adequate in terms of funcitonality. But the thing I hate the most is the very limited battery life. I took my Android HTC Desire to a friend's house and DID NOT USE IT AT ALL -- 8 hours later I checked it and the battery was on the verge of dying.

    8 hours of battery life... really? I did not use it, not even so much as texting.

    I don't want to have to perform voodoo rituals and constantly turn off Wi-Fi and background syncing just so that I can have a functional cell phone.

    8 hours of battery life is BS -- it's unusable as a portable phone. That defeats the whole purpose of it, doesn't it?

  21. I had an iPhone 3GS for 2 years and went to an HTC Thunderbolt/Android because I wanted an open system that I didn't have to jailbreak every release to install any app that I wanted to. What a mistake. Android is garbage. As a software engineer, I am shocked that this is the best Google can do.

    There are so many small, stupid usability flaws that just make it kludgy. The quality of apps in the Android store is horrid. I usually have to go through3 or 4 apps to find one that works 1/2 as well as an iPhone app.

    Android itself is a poor design. You're not supposed to have to kill apps to free up memory (on all the forums they scream "learn how Android works"). Yeah, right. If you do find a decent game when memory gets low it becomes unplayable as Android shuffles memory to try and free some up.

    The nanosecond that the iPhone 5 is released I'm ditching the Thunderbolt. That is if I can shut it off before it randomly reboots, and it responds to touches at that moment.

    1. rabinnh, the word "kludgy" you used is a perfect description of my Android experience. With Android, files seem to wind up becoming stored in random places, apps freeze, my keyboard suddenly won't type in certain situations, the included "spammy" bloatware which can't be removed, the battery life is awful, the built-in apps are junk, etc.

      Regarding the junky built-in apps, you, the end user are forced to visit the app store where you wind up downloading different crappy versions of apps that all are garbage. So while an open system is just the bees' knees if you love tinkering and spending a lot of time goofing around with your phone, I would instead be thrilled by having a phone that works well, lasts a really long time on one battery charge, has a clean, intuitive interface, and doesn't require my having to "customize" it just to get it to do simple things. I also want to sync it --all of it-- easily.

      I just picked up an iphone 5c after over a year on android. What a difference!

  22. Once upon a time there was a few communist countries..In those countries people had only one type of car to choose from , only one TV , only one radio,one washmachine,one type of boots.. and so on and so forth. Same as Apple today, those communist government in past (thank's god it's a past) also knew "what was the best for the people of their country". Is this what are you talking about when talking about one phone = iPhone. Unfortunately I have spend 20 years of my life in such system, with everything around me in "only one kind of it". Thus considering to this I would like to have freedom of choice and buy phone I had choose, not the one which Steve Jobs choose for me!

    Sorry for my english.

    1. What the f**k? Lol. Communism.....phones.

  23. agree that android is boring. just bought htc sensation. the specs looks awesome. 1.2ghz dual core quallcomm, 700mb ram, etc. after few weeks using it i rooted the phone and installed custom rom. that means i can modify whatever i want, remove bloatware, etc. i can even overclock my cpu to 2ghz.

    eventually, the second core is not fully utilized unless we flash a script for nerds (i flashed it). the volume is too low. can barely hear it when im in noisy situation unlike iphone.

    the battery also sucks. 20 minutes of mostly-text web surfing without youtube videos or whatever drains 30% of my battery. i mean, as in the advertisement dual core supposed to save more energy but i think its all BS. i can barely play any game to save my battery. im even scared to check facebook, text, call too much as i did on iphone to save battery.

    app market also full of bullshizzle apps, chinese porno, unoptimized, laggish, slow, sluggish, sloppy made apps. the first day i bought android phone was like, "omg im gonna download as much apps i can today". then i realized "what? there is no good apps i can use". if there is good apps, it is hard to use. i dont want fancy or complex app for my daily usage, all i want is simple and neat app.

    the os sucks, there is multitasking, but the system slows down a lot, you will feel lag. even on my forced-dual-core phone.

    thats the end of my rant about android.

  24. @m

    you are absolutely wrong.
    Nerds and geeks are out of touch with EVERYONE. you are not like everyone else. Everyone DOES NOT want to customize there phone. EVERYONE wants to just use there phone. As far as customization the iPhone can do it just as reasonably with out having to BRICK the phone. so Go home and do your homework first. iOS is leading the market and Android/Google is simply copying it for cheaper crappier phones (PERIOD).

    1. Im really laughing at your last sentence. Apple delays their release all the time, and doesnt give any specs or anything until right before launch. Why? Because they wait for that years top android phones to come out, see what they have, and match or increase it. Thats all apple does. My samsung galaxy s 3 blows away the iphone 4s by leaps and bounds. But apple decided to delay the 5 so they can make sure they can beat it. Id like to see an iphone release at the same time as a top of the line android phone and see how the comparison would be then.

  25. Android sucks big time. Just upgraded my phone from Froyo to Gingerbread and have lost the ability to receive calls. What good is Android if a new version does not support problem free calling ?

  26. Just tried a Android phone that I got for nothing at my work. It lasted 48 hours. I skinned it, I rooted it, tried everything to make it less suck. Next monday it goes back to the IT department, and the SIM (with unlimited dataplan) will be in my Nokia 3310, rendering half of the plan useless.

    I don't care a single moment.
    The iPhone is not going to help either. The biggest problem: Apps. Apps suck. 95% of apps that need a location can't work with GPS! They need to send all personal info over mobile networks, and localize with that. But GPS is way more accurate. If the apps say they can't use GPS they are just programmed sucky. Apps make me love a desktop browser like I never loved the open Web from Firefox before. A real computer with Firefox allows me to type well (real keyboard), it allows me to block all shit with a hosts filter, it allows me to trace every useless piece of Javascript crap and kill it, it allows me to overrule bad CSS, it has greasemonkey. All App internet experience is crippled, non privacy friendly and just plain awkward in use.

    I use my phone to phone from now on. Even though phone numbers do suck too when you can have usernames.

  27. I prefer android phones because holding an iphone on my hands makes me look like a sheep. I mean come'on 9/10 people in my country holds an iphone, why the heck do I want to hold a device that is mass cloned?

  28. I just got an iPhone 4S. I had a samsung galaxy S2 for a few months before the 4S. I had a Palm Pre before that, and I'll be trading up to a Nexus Prime when it comes put on Nov. 10. I like technology, I love smartphones, and I like having the best.

    The 4S was a pretty big disappointment. I think we can all agree on that. Even the apple fanatics have to admit it, you guys really wanted the new iPhone. iOS 5 and the 4S are nice, but apple is starting to fall behind. The notifications pulldown is a perfect example of this; it's something that iOS should have had years ago.

    Android 4 will debut next week, and from what we've seen so far, it will address all the concerns that the iOS crowd has. OS fragmentation should come to an end, hardware will have to be up to spec, more open source, more apps, better multitasking, etc. Even the holy grail 'retina screen' will be matched and probably be outdone be the 720p super amoled screens.

    The point: I'm really excited for Ice Cream Sandwich. I was really excited to see the new iPhone 5, but after months of suspense, it isn't here. I've already seen videos and pictures of the Samsung Nexus Prime, and we have a pretty good idea of what the specs will be. It won't be a letdown, that's for sure. I'll eat my hat if it is. We have no idea when the iPhone 5 will come out, but by the time it does, there will be a plethora of awesome android phones out that will be selling like hot cakes.

    Apple was an innovator, and they greatly influenced the smartphone development, but they need to keep innovating or they will start to fall behind.

  29. Android and those android fanboys are just trying to compensate. Android is watered down google add machine. It has bugs malware and anyone can inject a data harvesting bug any minute. I will stay with Apple. Goodby bugs.

  30. Android sucks because it doesn't work well. My samsung droid is crap. It's slow, bloated and always seems confused. I thought the same when I bought it. Maps feature was absolutely no help while fishing earlier tonight, even though I had an excellent signal. Even worse is the shit battery life. I have both the original and the large "unattractive" battery because neither one can last an entire day. GPS, 2 minutes of videoing porpoises, and a little screen light to tie a lure or two and the large battery was down to less than 2/3ds. Totally unacceptable.

    Bah. I could go on and on...but I'm not. I'm going to cough up an outrageous $750.00 for a new iphone for the battery life alone.

    No matter how cool the features may purport to be, you simply can not use a dead cell phone.

  31. To make a correction, Android is not an open-sourced system.

    Open sourced means you can take it, change the internals, and distribute it for free as your own version under the terms of the GPU license. The only thing your allowed to do with android is add to the internals to make it work on your hardware. That's not open.

  32. I switched from an iPhone (because AT&T service sucks here) to an HTC Desire last year (right when the Desire just came out). I figured it would be comparable and it had an 8GB SD card in it and that's what my iPhone had. I got it and was so excited because I love fresh new devices.

    I setup everything on it and started downloading apps. I downloaded about 15 apps and got a Low Storage Space message. I was like WTF on an 8GB card? Then I got to doing some research and apps installed to the phones massive 512MB memeory. This was the older version of Android before you could move apps to the SD (why should you have to MOVE them anyways?)... Now I realized I had a cool phone but couldn't install but a few apps :(

    On the iPhone I NEVER deleted texts. I had texts from years ago still in my phone. I figured hey 8GB of memory I should be okay. Well my texting started becoming slooooow and unresposive so I tried to delete all my texts. I had so many it took forever so I let it go all night. I woke up and it was still "Deleting". I googled it and a factory reset was my only option. When someone had the same issue the community said it's "Poor Housekeeping" on the user's part. If we have the space we should be able to fill it up with whatever.

    Last issue: I rooted it and put Gingerbread on it since my carrier had no intentions on releasing gingerbread for it (Google releases new version, it goes to the phone manufacturers, then goes to the carriers, then back to the phone manufactureres????). It is working better but even with all of my apps on the SD card I still get the low memory message daily.

    I said that was my last issue because I ordered an iPhone 4S from Verizon last week. I should get it this week :)

    Maybe Android will improve but it still has many many quirks. Apple stuff "just works" as many people say.

    I'm not a fan boy of anything. I own an IT company and we use a mix of Windows desktops with several Windows and Linux servers. We use alot of good open source software. At my house I have a Windows desktop, a Mac desktop, and a MacBook Pro. Everything has its uses and advantages. I can see why some people worship the Android... the level you can customize it is almost endless. Even though I'm a "techie" I still rather have a phone that just does it's job. I spend hours a day troubleshooting servers and routers... I don't need a device of my own to baby constantly.

  33. Not sure if someone else posted anything related to UI design, but here goes ... Verizon Droid 3 off the shelf SUCKS so bad it seems like a weak prototype. It honestly feels like I have to click (touch) 2-4 extra times to do anything on the effing phone. I miss my old IPhone ... it was reliable and well thought out. All the apps keep running on droids and always remember exactly where you left off (state persistence). This might seem like a good thing, but in actuality it sucks. I find that I rarely return to an app and want to continue where I left off in the UI state from the last invocation.

  34. Leave OpenSource for applications and companies like Apple for real operating systems.

    'nuff said.

  35. Well, I'm not a fan of Android for a few reasons. I like the "idea" of Android phones, but in execution, they suck. They're good multimedia web browsing devices, but they completely suck as actual phones for calling people. Load times for your phone app on your phone? Huh?

    The biggest issue with Android phones is, Android isn't really Linux, ie, it's not like a desktop Linux like Debian. It's all written in Java, and it's super resource intensive to do anything at all. An example is this, I have SNES9x on my 525mhz Android phone with 256 megs of RAM, most games run like 50% speed. Meanwhile, on my old PC as a kid, I used the same emulator, SNES9x, at full speed, on a 133mhz Pentium 1 with I think 16 megs of RAM. Android simply is terribly inefficient and wasteful in it's programming, and to run any applications correctly, due to everything being so bloated, you need dual 1ghz processors or better. I think programming bloat is a huge problem in general, but to me, Android takes the cake.

    So, I feel like for a while, I drank the Android Kool-Aid, but I have to contend now that Apple I-OS is simply a better programmed OS. I don't, however, like how it's Apple, more or less. I don't like Apple stuff really, don't like their design, philosophy, etc. But, I have to admit, the iPhone is a physically better phone with a physically better OS.

    However, Android will beat the iPhone, simply because Google's working to become the big gigantic giant in the old Mac commercial, it's working off just trying to get pure market share alone.

    Your article is pretty lame, though.
    "Yeah there's flash games, but who the hell would play flash games on a mobile phone, when you have App Store with games everywhere? I mean, an Android user might need flash because all the App Market games suck (I can name one good Android game: Angry Birds), but an iPhone user has a plentiful amount of games sitting right in front of them self, as do I. "

    Maybe we don't wanna pay money in the app store? Maybe we wanna download a bunch of stuff from newgrounds we remember from being a teenager to play when we're bored?

    You also sound very condescending, like it seems most Apple fanboys are. But hey, I'll give credit where it's due.

  36. Having been a computer engineer for 38 years, and having developed applications in just about every language for every operating system there is or ever has been, I will categorically state that Android/Java is by far the worst I have ever seen. It is obtuse, bug-infested, constantly changing, and inconsistent. To make it worse, Google, during some demented hallucination, decided to totally scrap the existing Java/Swing structure and replace it with their own. So, the one claim-to-fame that Java had, that is cross-platform portability, went out the window. Any Java app that runs cross-platform on Windows, Mac, and Linux is a complete loss when porting to Android. There is no 'porting'. It's a 100% completely new development project.

    Android is one of those forehead-slap, "What were they thinking?" disasters that I hope will die an early death.

  37. no syncing for mac is why i hate my android. cant get the iphone on tmobile, but from what ive googled, Blackberry has native syncing for the mac that works just like the iphone with itunes. i loved my iphone even on tmobiles edge network. I look forward to my blackberry upgrade on the 23rd. i hate my android. using google for everything is a terrible idea. not doing any justice for linux at all. android seems to please old people that dont know any better. for the rest of us i have very few things i need my phone to do and android cant even do them. i plug in an iphone and it does it all at once. i miss my iphone. RIP iphone.

  38. One more reason I can add. I am using LGP690 (Android 2.3)..there is a serious problem in it. My net disconnects while making a call or receiving a call and it resumes automatically after you finish your call..if you also connect with wifi and watching a clip on youtube..and that time if any call comes to your phone...then you have to reload and replay that clip after you finish your call....this is ridiculous

  39. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL you really think android doesnt have any sync options? lol i even got a crappy android 1.6 htc tattoo and it had htc sync that it installs automatically on pc when connected lol, android does not suck, google is way fucking better than apple, besides just cuz iphone doesnt have ''some'' errors that android has, everyphone has its own problems so no iphone 4 is not a perfect phone, and besides you get what you paid for, android is a operating system not a phone, the errors and shit depends on the brandmark of the phone not the system himself sigh these nerds dont know a shit

    1. ^^^^^ Typical Android user. Note the grammar and spelling. Notice how all users that use iPhone actually know how to type in plain English.

  40. I miss my iPhone. I've used Android long enough. I just feel like I'm being jerked around and I'm sick of the annoying nerdiness and wannabe nature of Android. Sorry Google. Apple is my choice.

    1-the APPS on android are increasing LIKE CRAZY
    2-Open Source Means More Apps and as for malware we have ANTIVIRUSES
    3- dude it also has HTML 5 along With Flash BUT IPHONE DOES NOT HAVE
    4- you have more choices means you can better hardware and every thing that is good for the person such as if you want games you go for xperia play etc.
    5- once again THE updates are off the hook

    1. Yet another Android user trying to take up for the falling OS that can't type in English. Stereotypical of most Android users.

    2. Haha..... a falling OS? Are you mad? Android is currently winning the race! I don't know how long it will hold poll position, but its on more handsets and its market place (now Play Store) is pulling in more cash. I say to all the competition out there....keep up the good work and don't give up the fight as it allows all of us to be in a place where we have a choice of quality products to chose from! Competition is always good! :)

    3. I know that this comment is almost an entire year old, but I can't take it! You are a stuck-up iSheep that thinks you know everything! If you're going to be so rude and be a grammar Nazi at least try to debunk his comment in an organized manner first!

  42. I have only one reason Android o/s sucks, my mom cannot use it! she started browsing the iPhone like duck to water. Android is cobbled together by a committee of baboons I am afraid to say. Yeah yeah, open source nix is awesome for a geek like me, but who gives a flying...

  43. i consider myself a geek, ( i am programmer) but my android tablet crashed and i am in not way able to reisnstall it. Android sucks badly i hate it, you can't have fun on it, you can do your work on it. iPhone is far more stable and doesnt't require some much care. I am waiting to see dell's windows 8 tablets !

  44. 1. Android has plenty of free and paid high quality apps and android supports 3rd party app stores and 3rd party apps without the need to jailbreak or root. On android if you don’t like the crap apps then don’t download or buy them. simple.

    2. Open source helps make android superior. Android has plenty of free anti malware apps available which means that even if android does get a virus you can easily remove it. Although the iPhone has less malware it does not have anti virus software. I have never had any malware or any other type of virus on my android.
    3. The risk of bricking your android is very very low unless your a complete moron and even if you do brick it you can still recover android.
    4. Ok yes flash players days are numbed but it is still around and I find it very handy. And besides android has html 5 as well and I heard that iPhone wont have full html5 support.
    5. Yea with the iPhone its much easier to pick your phone. Do you want a white iCrap or a black iCrap? Although there are plenty of shit android phones around there are plenty of good ones much better then the lousy iPhone and it is not that hard to chose the good ones.
    6. You can sync most things on android with google. And android also has the advantage of not needing to sync. On android you can transfer your music, videos, apps and more on and off your android like it was just a usb thumb drive no need for stupid shitty iTunes.

    iPhones also have a very restrictive OS that you need to jailbreak to make the iPhone as close to being a good phone as you can get it. Android can do more than IOS (even if you jailbreak your iPhone) without needing root or jail break android. iPhone also has a restrictive useless blue tooth. iPhone has no expandable memory or removable battery. No option of a physical keyboard, 3d camera, larger screen and more. iPhone lacks good features standard on most android phones and even some standard on cheap prepaid phones.

    If you want something simple but with lots of restrictions, lack of customisation, less user control and lack of some features then buy iPhone

    If you want something that is more functional, more customisable, gives you more control and treats you like someone who actually knows how to use a real phone then android is for you.

  45. Can i use this content in an app?

  46. It seems to me that most of the thread here is either untrue or misunderstood. As an android handset owner for over a year now, I can say with confidence that you clearly ARE an apple fan boy and that you have wrote an article with very little knowledge of the other side. I won't pretend Android is perfect, it has many issues... you have just failed to mention any of them here. As for the iphone being all for one and one for all with the dictator at the helm.... most android owners will say this is the very reason they didn't pick it! I like the fact that my handset has specific features and that it is the size I want and of the spec I want, which suits my needs. Not everyone wants a large touch screen phone that will cost them £40 per month (or so).

  47. If you're going to compare the ifone to an android device, don't bother comparing it to the crapy android devices. Chose the best ones like the Galaxy S2, Xperia S, Galaxy nexus... Any of those three android devices are undoubtedly better than the ifone 4s. go check the specs. We have more RAM, better processors, screens that are visible, better cameras etc etc. Am I biased? Just go check 9 out of 10 top devices list on the web and tell me I'm biased.
    Alright, apple store might have more apps, android market might have some crapy ones, but the good ones are there as well, so why focus on the crap ones, you biased idiot?

    And I'm sure you guys have a lot of fun enjoying watching videos and playing games on a 3.5 inches screen lol... What is this, 2005? Jezz..

    *leaves laughing*

  48. Yea, and Apple takes 6 months to post a JAVA update which it refused to allow Oracle to push out a patch for. 600,000 infected Macs at any given time with millions infected total. Yea, Apple is amazing and has no bugs. iOS secure? I think not. Let's just wait and see. BB 10 will rule! It's funny you posted this on a Google property though. Take it to your Apple fanboy sites.

  49. 1. Android has more than enough apps. The argument that iOS does not have crappy apps is small minded. You can't have a million well written apps.

    2. I don't think it matters if a phone is open sourced or not. What matters is how well the phone meets the consumers needs. I belive that iOS meets the needs of some consumers and Android the needs of others. I prefer android, but I won't discount iOS as a viable platform.

    3. The inability to use flash IS A WEAK POINT not a strong point. When HTML-5 replaces flash android will adapt, because the OS is market driven instead of centrally controlled. Thus demand is generally met.

    4. Yes. The consumer must choose wisely, but this applies to the entire market. Not just android phones. Each consumer needs to determine what they will use the phone for and then compare the devices that meet their needs. Are there a lot of crappy android phone out there? Yes! Are there some excellent Android phone out there? Yes! The iphone caters to those who want one simple choice, while Android caters to those who think they have the ability to make intellegent device choices.

    5. Some phones get updated sooner than others. Consumers who dont want to research this may prefer iOS. The downside of freedom is the companies the make phone also have the freedom to choose what phones they will update and when.

    6. Sync. I HATE syncing. Drag and drop has been around forever and suites me just fine. Oh yeah you can sync android phones also. You have the freedom to choose what service you want to use to sync. Google has the lead on this for android phone IMO.

    I could tell by the title of your article that you are not an objective thinker. You are just another fanboy throwing the feces of your ignorance around like a monkey at the zoo. Fact is I hate iOS, but I would never discount it as an option for some consumers. I love Android, but I know its not for everyone. There are millions of consumers out there with differing needs and desires. Some people should buy iphones and others Androids. Thats just the way it is.

  50. Android is in the lead, and is much more popular now.
    The new galaxy model has almost practically taken over the phone market (especially amongst the younger generations).
    Apps? There are more apps on iphone, but they've had a massive head start on android, and android is quickly catching up in that aspect.

    I think the only people still holding onto iphone after this year, will be the type of people who just hate change, and just stick to old ways, because it's what they know.

    The younger people these days are driven by technology, and will prefer the phone with higher specs, and more adaptability.
    Android offers the best technology currently, and has allot more adaptability.

    It took about 1 year, for android to go from being 1-2 generations behind, to being a generation ahead, and it's still getting better.
    When apple finally brings out something as good as the galaxy slll, android will probably be another generation or so ahead again.

    Iphone was once the new cool thing to have.
    Now it is androids turn to dominate.

  51. I am on my 3rd Android phone in 2 weeks. The first one kept running out of memory - straight from the box. The second had such a horrid user interface that it was completely unusable. The current one sucks battery like it was going out of style and has yet to take a full charge. I loved my Blackberry but have come to the conclusion that based on my Blackberry dying 2 months out of warranty and that no Android phone I have tried has been at all worthwhile that largely smartphones suck. I'm going to go back to using a flip phone. I absolutely hate this less than a day battery life nonsense. That's no good to me if I'm out working!

  52. Lmfao. This person is truly an idiot. The iPhone 4 doesn't have HTML 5. Stupidity at its finest. Typical Apple fanboy.

  53. I just realized that these so-called "smartphones" suck regardless of their operating system.
    A phone is meant to make only phone calls. Nothing else.
    I have had several different devices, including Apple, Android and the old Symbian (Nokia) and they promise the same thing: you can do on your phone whatever you do on your laptop.
    That is simply not true and is physically impossible. A phone's hardware, no matter how good it is, will NEVER catch up even with a 10 years old laptop.
    My latest phone is a Samsung Galaxy S2 and it looked very promising when I bought it. It's a complete piece of crap. I don't know if its incompetence in handling multi-tasking is Android's fault or a hardware fault. And I don't care which of them is the bad guy. It doesn't work, never worked and will never work.
    Even though these portable devices may be "the future", there is no chance that any of these ultra-modern-jaw-dropping devices will ever be a complete computer.
    A laptop alone is way behind a desktop for reasons that most people with a bit of IT knowledge know but they're still a big hit at the stores.
    And don't get me wrong. I love Linux. I use Linux. This was the one and only reason why I went for an Android phone - expecting the excellence I'm used to with my Linux-based OS. But Android sucks, big time. And so does iOS and Blackberry and Symbian and all the rest.
    I just abandoned the idea of having a smartphone because the only smart thing on these pieces of crap is the name. I actually went back to my good old Nokia with no OS. And I am quite happy with it. At least, I can make my phone calls without having to slide my finger across a terrible touchscreen.

  54. I have a galaxy S (gt-i9000)
    I recently flashed cyanogenmod 9 onto it, I love ice cream sandwich.
    I have to admit, my previous ROM darkyrom (which was 2.3) was alot faster than touchwiz but this is the fastest ROM I've used, it has yet to slow down on me. my baery life is BETTER than on darkyrom I've consistently had about 24 hours of use before charging and that's mostly because I like my screen on full brightness (a battery sucker no matter what)
    now, I'm also not saying IOS is worse or better, however they both have different aims
    IOS is meant to be simple an easy thing for someone to pick up and use, android is meant for easy access, rooting (which, BTW the Iphone CAN also brick, however as long as you keep a nandroid backup you'll be safe from almost any brick, with both there will always be a chance of permabrick) In my experience read he warning labels on the ROMs, check you have the right device and for the love of god, use google (or bing or yahoo or whatever) when you have a problem
    a word on the Google account thing aswell is that if you dont like getting constant email notifications, disable them you have access to all those options if you wish to, and you can also turn data off if you dont have a dataplan.
    and on my S1, this program that came with CM9 called DSPmanager lets me tune my audio t be perfect through even my bluetooth stereo headset. I've never owned an Iphone but I've used them and they just dont suit me.
    competition is needed and veriey is good, no one can speak for what others want or what "people want" because not everyone wants the same thing, I like my galaxy S with ICS and my freedom and some people like their Iphone 3G wih IOS verson...(whatever apple deems the last version you're allowed to use on it is)

    sorry about all the typos my keyboard doesn't work right and I can't go over this again.

  55. I have just got a Samsung Galaxy Ace to replace my Nokia 5230, and it's just shocking. After two hours I've given up and I'm going back to my 2-year-old phone. Which, like, actually has some basic functionality. Things like:

    + Nokia: contacts is a full address book, with as many numbers and addresses per person as you want.
    - Droid: contacts is one name, one number, and that's it.

    + Nokia allows you to add your own ringtones from MP3
    - Droid only seems to have a handful of crap ones built in

    + Nokia allows different profiles, eg Normal / Silent / Work, and you can customise each with what type of ringer/volume/vibrate you want for calls and texts, and it's easy to activate them
    - Droid has silent mode hidden deep in the settings menus and there doesn't seem to be anything more advanced than that

    + Nokia can sync with PC and work with Windows Explorer
    - Droid can't

    And this is a 2-year-old phone that was cheap and basic when I bought it. I would have thought that things might have moved on rather than regressed, but hey ho. Nokia might not have the slickest interface, but it knocks spots of the Droid for what it can do.

  56. I totally agree. I lost my 3GS a while ago. Tempted and looked at the S3.3 pages FILLED with icons, "config" "settings" jumped in my sight even before "contacts" or "calendar". I ran away. And they ask 650euro for a plastic bucket of Korean silicium with a free open source OS that just anyone can hack! Hell no!

  57. It's funny, I think this post used to be true. In fact, it echos many reasons I had years ago for choosing an iPhone over an android phone. But today, I don't think it's true at all.

    Of course, the iPhone 5 may come along and blow android phones out of the water. I do not discount the possibility. Still, by simply looking at the specs, it doesn't seem like it's that much better than the nicer androids. My screen is bigger, has a higher resolution, is super amoled instead of retina, equal camera and battery power to my device .. And this is comparing the iPhone 5 to the HTC Amaze (which is not the most expensive android out there, not by far.) If the iPhone 5 does one-up the androids, I think it would have to be in the iOS 6 features, which are hard to judge without using. But I don't see anything listed that seems particularly superior, and I haven't noticed any mention of options like face unlock which are available in Ice Cream Sandwich (correct me if I'm wrong though, perfectly possible that I just haven't seen it.)

    But to address your points:

    1. I haven't noticed that at all. In fact, I have been able to find superior free versions of apps and games that were paid on my iPhone. I suspect this is one of those points that was true when you posted it, but that Android has now surpassed iPhone in apps due to the open marketplace. I don't think either of them "suck" for apps though. It wouldn't be a major reason for me buying one over the other. Also, I constantly had to deal with apps breaking whenever iOS was updated, and no, the apps weren't fixed in a timely fashion (and some were fairly major apps, like Pandora and last.fm music apps.) Or if they weren't broken, features added would be removed and never seen again as soon as iOS updated. I'm not saying androids don't have this problem either. I'm just saying the iPhone app marketplace is not the paradise of perfectly working apps you make it out to be. It has a lot of crap apps, repetitive apps and broken apps as well.

    2. I'm pretty sure it's not true that iPhones are near impossible to brick. I've never done it myself, but I've read and heard countless warning and stories about it. Never got the impression the iPhone was unbreakable in this way. And you don't address the fact that you can't get support for your device if you've jailbroken it. You advertise jailbroken features as though they're default, but you must realize a lot of people don't want to jailbreak their iPhones because they want to make sure they can get support. As for the malware, the antivirus apps seem to do a very good job. Never had a problem.

    3. There are definitely websites that use flash that are not flash games. My iPhone not having flash was really one of my biggest gripes. Probably at least 5 times a day, I'd find webpages I simply couldn't get to work on my iPhone because it didn't have flash. Pain in the ass to have to go home and get out your computer just to access one page. And these were social networking sites, blogging sites, news and academic sites which all had content not available on the flash-free iPhone. The inclusion of flash and a quick button for switching between desktop and mobile view has ensured that I've been able to access every single webpage I want to on my android.

    1. 4. Okay, this has never been true. I have no idea why you think more options is a bad thing. I think the fact that Apple is so exclusive with their software is one of their biggest problems. A lot of people like choice. And it's easier to get passed by when you're only making one device made by one company, whereas android technology is used by many different companies. Some of them are crappy (or simply crappier than the iPhone,) but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Because some of them, as I demonstrated, surpass the iPhone. This allows options. Someone who simply wants a more customizable iPhone equivalent can get that. A technology junkie can get something faster and better than the iPhone if they want to spend the money. A broke person who can't afford an iPhone can still afford an android. In that case, they're happy to buy something crappier than the iPhone because it's not like they could afford the iPhone in the first place. Or someone who wants an actual keyboard with their touchscreen can get that, an option iPhone flat out doesn't offer.

      I'm not sure why you think it would be better to not have those options. Just because you don't use them all doesn't make them valuable to other people. If I want a pink phone with a touch screen and a keyboard, I should be able to get it. Why not? And price is a big part of it. I can get an android on tmobile with better specs than an iphone and insure for less than an uninsured iPhone with ATT or Verizon. That's a big thing to a lot of people. I think it costs Apple a lot of customers, honestly.

      5. Sure, this could be personally annoying. I've never experienced any bugs while waiting for my updates, though. And even if I wait 5 months for my update compared to my android using buddies, I'm still months ahead of my iPhone using buddies because the newest android OS simply has more features and improvements than the latest iOS. So to me it's worth it. I don't think either company is inherently better in this area, though. It comes down to personal preference.

      6. This is the one other point where I have to shake my head. I mean, if you like iTunes, yay for you. Not being sarcastic at all. But I (and a lot of people I know) simply can't relate. Even when I used and loved an iPhone, iTunes was the bane of my existence. Auto-starting every time you plug the damn thing in, coming up with a million popups asking you to update, and often crashing other programs on your computer. Annoying as hell. I'm sure it's more compatible with a Mac. But it's buggy as hell with a PC, even when updated regularly. I much prefer the options I get with my android - when I plug it in, I can select whether I want it to sync, charge only, serve as a usb device if I only want to retrieve or add a photo or document, etc... Speaking of which. Yeah, it's bullshit that androids can sync. I have like three ways of syncing, and using my gmail account syncs every other account. Don't know what you're talking about with that.

  58. Many, if not all, people who agree with this story do NOT know what they're talking about. They fling around myths and, dare I say, blatant lies about android due to popular belief and not on anything factual. There are crap apps on apple also. The whole "malware" thing only comes into play when you download from an outside market source. This is equally true for iOS (once jail broken of course). People complain about lag. Think about what android actually DOES opposed to apples bare-boned OS. If android phones ran iOS it would destroy apple in the fluidity department. But we don't want basic. We want freedom. Especially for a price tag like that. Since jellybean those lag issues are barely even noticeable if at all. I've owned both so I'm not being biased like the apple douchebags in here - just defending android on the fact that it isn't what everyone makes it out to be. I could go on and on but I have things to do. Good day.

    1. fuck the freedom we need USABILITY stability, trustability!
      its a PHONE not a computer! fuck your VPN and geek tools, most of people in world SIMPLY DOESNT NEED IT!

  59. Kinda sucks.? Did someone claim kinda sucks? Its s piece of shit. A person still cannot turn off those stupid fucking ads!!

  60. Otherwise its ok. Chrome sucks too Opera is much better and it would be nice if the source was included as per gnu but as we know we can hang or shoot spies in the us and that includes spy software.

  61. Hey guys,
    Which one is better???
    Do following to make sure:
    1. Ask developer, who developes app for both
    2. Make some app to make money and publish on both, find out which one makes more :)
    3. Play game for hour and check battery :)
    4. Use camera in both at same time , check quality and speed
    5. Give your son both phone and see what he choose after few mins

    And at last, dont shout blindly .

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. android sucks i had a lot of android phones and they all suck compared to iphone the worst part are the updates it sucks when you have the so called flag ship phone for android the galaxy s4 and the nexus 4 which is an older phone gets the update 4.4 way before you do just because google owns nexus... good luck android users haha...

    2010 galaxy s upgraded officially to 2.3 (not counting root)
    2010 iphone 4 upgraded to ios 7 wow from 4,5,6, to ios 7

  64. How many android fan boys there are? The main problem above all that is Samsung, that shit company flow the market with a A LOT OF SHIT! so many versions of galaxy win, mini, sux etc that confuse the user.
    Android briks a lot, there are so many issues on that OS that make me nervous.

    1. Samsung is shit they release phones so quickly people hype about the S5 then buy them then the next month they see a faster version of the phone is out that is a fling RIP off!

  65. Author has absolutely no IT background plus all his knowledge comes from plots and rumours. Also.. I think that post is really outdated

  66. Author has absolutely no IT background plus all his knowledge comes from plots and rumours. Also.. I think that post is really outdated